About Wise Intarsia Patterns  Intarsia Wood elk by Kathy Wise

Great Intarsia Art begins with a Great Pattern.

I have designed custom patterns from photos for many different intarsia artists, subjects ranging from dogs to dump trucks. All of these patterns were not tested prior to sending them to my customers. Every client was very pleased with their pattern and finished piece. Some of the patterns posted on my store pages have not yet been produced in wood. This enables me to supply a wide selection (over 590) of unique and seldom found patterns to intarsia artists... patterns like my Shar Pei, Miniature Pincher, Welsh Corgi and Tennessee Walker Horse. My patterns are designed for intermediate and advanced woodworkers who have some experience in working with intarsia. I do have some beginner patterns and kits as well. I do not include a color photo of the finished piece. I use a gray scale thumbnail of the pattern to indicate the lights and darks in each pattern. I know intarsia artists like to pick out the type and color of their wood according to personal preference and what is available locally. My patterns also indicate risers and grain direction.

I believe a pattern should be a starting point for the intarsia artist... each intarsia piece is a unique and creative vision produced by the woodworker. I have received many wonderful emails and letters from customers who have used and enjoyed making my patterns, some are listed on the testimonial page if you would like to read them. If you are looking for something new and different, try one of my patterns. Great Intarsia art begins with a great pattern.

I am so sure that you would be happy with my patterns, I will send a free pattern for you to try. Just mail your address to me and ASK FOR A FREE PATTERN, (along with $4 for postage in US) and I will send a sample pattern of my Labrador Puppy in Doggy Door , " Are You Home Yet?" , a $10 value, along with a catalog. You can also download it at my store for free. There is no postage charge if you just want to have a catalog without the free pattern.


Intarsia Wood turkey by Kathy WiseFree Intarsia Labrador Puppy Pattern