Intarsia Art Commissions

Although Kathy specializes in animal art, any subject matter from landscapes to sailboats can be designed into an outstanding heirloom mural. Kathy can work from your photos or her own reference material to design the perfect showpiece to match your decor. Intarsia can be displayed as wall art, adorn entry doors, added to cabinetry , table tops, mantels and headboards. Corporate logos, Military or other emblems can be reproduced in breathtaking beauty. Kathy's unique style utilizes shaping thick wood for a wonderful 3D effect that highlights the exquisite grains and natural colors of wood used in each piece of intarsia art.

Kathy's commission Intarsia Murals are custom designed, one of kind and limited edition pieces.

Prices start at $500. Pricing on commissioned intarsia varies depending upon the size of the piece, the number of pieces and the type of wood used. Shipping and insurance cost will be extra. Large pieces can be delivered and installed onsite for an additional fee.

Contact : for pricing information. Add a unique and stunning original art piece created by an award winning intarsia artist to your collection. MORE PHOTOS



Tiger TrailTiger Trail Mural

42" x 30" 1045 pcs. in the art collection of Judy Gore, CA

Born to Hunt

Born to Hunt Mural

BORN TO HUNT    860 pieces  30 x 40 

Leopard's LairLeopard's Lair Mural

Leopard's Lair in the art collection of Robert LaCroix, Bend OR.


Humpback Whale & Calf


Humpback whale mural

It has 657 pcs. 8' x 8'. It is in the art collection of Rebecca Watson, AL . Made from Black Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Ebony, Aspen, Sycamore & Black Walnut Burl.


Whitetail WoodsWhitetail Woods Mural

4.5' x 5' 1075 pcs. in the art collection of Dr. Brent Edgerton, Yale, MI


Jaguar Jungle

Jaguar Jungle Mural

56" x 35" x 5" 2072 pieces.

This original 3D Intarsia Mural "Jaguar Jungle" was designed and created by Kathy Wise. It has over 20 different types of wood including Ash & White Oak for the leaves, Wenge & Black Walnut for the background, Bloodwood, Satinwood, Lignum Vitae, Poplar & Bird's Eye Maple for the parrot, Snakewood & Wenge for the boa. The Jaguar has 667 pieces cut from Australian Cypress, Wenge, Aspen, Ebony, Beech, and Satinwood. Other woods used are Bubinga, Jatoba, Brazilian Ebony, Pink Ivory and Blue Pine. There are many South American animals hidden in the jungle foliage. See if you can find the Boa, toucan, 2 tapirs, 2 sloth, caiman, 4 spider monkeys, golden lion tamarin, 2 parrots, 2 jaguars, anteater, sloth bear, 3 hummingbirds, 4 poison dart frogs and 3 butterflies.


Three Sisters Mountain View

Three Sister's Mountain View

5' x 12' . This original 3D Intarsia Mural with over 1600 pieces, Made in 3 sections. In the art collection of Robert LaCroix, Bend OR.