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By purchasing an individual resource ("pattern" or "file"), or downloading a free or purchased resource you are being granted a license to use these patterns or files for specific uses under certain conditions. Ownership remains with Kathy Wise Designs Inc. and you are required to abide by the following licensing terms.

 Multiple Use License The designs of these KWD Intarsia patterns are the intellectual property of the designer Kathy Wise and are protected by international copyright. As such, the patterns are provided for personal use of the buyer. Up to 59 projects may be made from this pattern and sold by the purchaser. (You MAY NOT resell or redistribute files, copies or the original paper pattern).

Commercial Use (Extended License) Use of these plans for any commercial purposes, and/or: the sale of, the distribution of, the transfer of, or the sale of the patterns to any other party than the original purchaser is expressly prohibited without our written consent. Commercial use of more than 60 pieces made from this plan requires our written consent and additional Licensing Fees.

Note to Professional Copying Services: You may make up to ten copies of a Kathy Wise Designs Inc. pattern for the personal use of the buyer. This includes copies from my books and magazine articles. Contact Kathy at her fax if you need any other information: FAX: 810-387-9044


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