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My book "INTARSIA BIRDS : Woodworking the Wise Way"  has 30 Bird Patterns for Beginners to Advanced Woodworkers.  It has beautiful photographs and multi-views of each bird project, along with four easy to advanced step by step projects which clearly explain the techniques for creating realistic Bird Intarsia projects. The Wood, Tool and Supply sections have lots of helpful reference information.  Chapter One: Basic Intarsia Steps, will provide hints as how to shape feather and wing pieces, gluing and finishing, and how to inlay small pieces , guiding those new to intarsia or serving as a quick refresher for more experienced woodworkers.

quailPatterns include: Six song bird ornaments, Blue Jay, White Doves, Quail, Robin, Cardinal, Crow, Duck, Swan, Pheasant, Bobwhite, Screech Owl,  Loon, Barn Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Great Horned Owl, Red-tail Hawk, Eagle, Pelican, Parrot and American Kestrel, Turkey,Rooster, Hen,and Osprey.  

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Kathy's second book "Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners" covers all the basic steps, but it is not just for beginners. It is packed with over 23 patterns increasing in skill level with each lesson. 24 with Shipping USA- $42 - Canada & Europe


Kathy's first book "Intarsia Woodworking Projects" is a wonderful collection of intarsia patterns starting with the very easy to some advanced large pieces. It has full sized fold out patterns that are included in a pocket in the back. Look for Kathy's new "how to do" articles with intarsia patterns in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues of Scroll Saw Workshop. 24 with Shipping USA- $42 - Canada & Europe