Katthy WIse Intasia , how it all started.

How Kathy Wise Started Creating her Intarsia Art  

PatternKathy first began designing Intarsia Patterns for her father-in-law over 17 years ago. When his customers would ask for a special dog breed or custom intarsia of their pet, he would ask Kathy to create the pattern. She started to market the patterns and found intarsia artists loved her designs. Go to the Testimonial Page to read some of the wonderful comments from Intarsia woodworkers. She offers the most realistic & greatest variety of dog breed intarsia patterns available in the marketplace. With Kathy's knowledge and background in sculpting dogs, each pattern has a unique personality that is not found in other intarsia patterns. New patterns are being added often, go the Online Intarsia Store for the new additions .Kathy Wise Intarsia Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts owl cover

In Fall of 2004, ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts (Fox Chapel Publishing) published the first article by Kathy featuring her Boston Terrier intarsia design and step by step instructions. She has been in every issue since then with over 45 articles to date. Articles in previous issues include a Bird Wreath, Calico Cat, Arabian Horse, Maple Leaf Picture Frame, Poinsettia Wreath, Turkey and many more. Kathy has been featured on 10 covers and her articles appear in over seven other Woodworking Pattern books. She wrote a two part article for Wood Carving Illustrated on how to carve a Bulldog Bulletin Board.

Intarsia Birds: Woodworking the Wise Way  Book CoverKathy has three wonderful intarsia books Intarsia Birds: Woodworking the Wise Way, Intarsia Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners. They are perfect for the woodworker just learning intarsia or for seasoned experts.

Her latest Book "Intarsia Birds: Woodworking the Wise Way" was completely self-published with all the writing, photography, editing, layout and design completed by Kathy. It is her best book yet!This is a wonderful book for bird lovers, loaded with 30 KWDoriginal bird patterns. You can get your copy at her store site, Click here to Buy Now.

Kathy Wise's Intarsia Art

Rearing HorseI have been sculpting dogs and animals professionally for over 40 years. To see more about my art background go to the Artist Bio Page. Or check out the Newsletter page with the newest article I have written for Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine featuring my pattern designs. I have worked in many medias over the years including clay, ceramic, bronze, stone, as well as wood. I enjoy the different colors and grains in the assorted woods I use in my intarsia pieces. I try to get a lot of depth and use of grain direction in my intarsia art, like the Rearing Stallion piece I made displayed on this page. It is 38" tall and I used 3/4" to 2" thick Black Walnut with Ebony for the eye, ear and nose. I used a RBI Hawk scroll saw to cut it, and a pneumatic drum sander for all my shaping. I finished the pieces on a sanding mop and used clear gel varnish for a nice soft glow. It is an oversized version of pattern #606 ($20).. If you are interested in large oversized patterns, email or write for a price quote.

Intarsia Elk by Kathy Wise

I cut the Elk out of sycamore,beech,poplar,wenge, bocate,black walnut, maple,ash and ebony. My raccoon wreath is laid out in stages for you to see the steps involved in creating an intarsia piece. It clearly shows the difference in the color of the finished wood verses the unfinished and is very interesting to see how work progresses. I also accept special commissions for my intarsia work, including murals and large wall pieces like my "Whitetail Woods".

Kathy Wise Intarsia Whitetail Woods Deer Mural Raccoon Intarsia wreath by Kathy Wise