Kathy Wise Intarsia Artist 2017 Workshops
2018 Intarsia Workshops

I am now offering Private and Semi- Private Intarsia workshops for one or two woodworkers. This is a very special in-depth class that will focus on the skills that you would like to improve upon. Class skill levels will be from beginner to very advanced. I will pair up students of equal skill levels and goals for the semi-private classes.

If possiable, I would like you to bring 3-4 pieces of your work for us to review together, and then together, we can determine what areas can be improved. Workshops are 2 days, six hours each day. Class starts at 9:00 and goes to 3:30 or 4 depending on the lunch break. Lunch is included.

The cost is $400 for semi-private and $500 for a private class. I require a deposit of ½ down and the balance due the day of the class. Full money refund if you cancel 2 weeks before your class date. Classes are held in Emmett, Michigan, which is about 1 hour north of Detroit and 1/2 hour from Port Huron. and Sarnia, ON Canada.

Quotes from Students

"Kathy, just a short note to thank you again for your excellent course. You do a wonderful job of showing and explaining the techniques of intarsia and I learned so much I was really happy the way the project turned out. You can really teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks again for you patience and for sharing your vast knowledge with me. Hopefully I can get back to learn even more." Doug Y.Blenheim, ON CANADA

"Recently I attended one of Kathy’s 2 day workshops. It was a great experience. Kathy is a great and patient teacher, a wonderful artist and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Intarsia work. Although I had dabbled a bit in Intarsia work my sessions with Kathy really brought home to me how much I didn’t know. She showed me tricks and skills that I hope to develop to bring improvement to the quality of my projects.  The project we completed in this class is something I am proud of and hope to be able to produce more of similar quality in the future. I would recommend taking a class with Kathy to anyone interested in improving their Intarsia skills for you will come away with a rekindled appreciation for the art of Intarsia. “Again, thank you Kathy for these 2 days.”  Wick Hamstra, Strathroy, ON CANADA

"I just finished a class with Kathy. After I read her education in the arts and with sculptures, I knew she was the one I wanted to have teach me to take my Intarsia from a craft to an art. I went in with very high expectations and many questions.She answered all my questions without hesitation and exceeded my expectations. She not only knows all the
different woods to chose from but knows what the finished art piece will look like using those woods. She is an exceptional teacher in the arts and Intarsia. My time and money was well spent!" John C. Delaware, OH

"I recently attended on of Kathy's workshops.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  The biggest thing for me will be remembering everything that I learned.  With her diligent guidance, I was able to produce my best piece to date.  There were so many little tricks and nuances that she has learned through the years; that she willingly shared with us.
       Kathy is a very unique person, she is an artist and a teacher.  That combination is a rarity.   Her artwork is amazing.  I had the good fortune of viewing two of her murals first hand.  As awesome as they look on her website, it does not do them justice.  I don't think anyone can bring wood back to life, but Kathy comes closer than anyone else. When you listen to her talk you gain an appreciation for her passion.
       With her teaching, again I am impressed.  Her largest virtue is her patience.  I'm about as slow as Christmas and not once did Kathy lose her patience with me.  There isn't one instance that stands out to me, but the entire class was about helping us become better at our craft.  In case you haven't noticed I highly recommend this class.  My only concern is that those people talk kinda funny up there."
Charlie Hoover. Bon Aqua, TN

"I worked with stained glass and wanted to find something similar to the the glass technique that I could do with wood. I found information about segmentation and intarsia. After several months of doing segmentation I decided to look for classes to learn intarsia. I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with Kathy. Kathy sees immediately what your talent level is after viewing a few of your art pieces. Her workshop and studio is impressive. Kathy's teaching method is wonderful. Her depth of knowledge and unique ability to communicate and demonstrate the technique can be understood by any level of student. I can't wait to start using the newly acquired knowledge on my next piece. I highly recommend that if you really want to lear the art of Intarsia you take a class with Kathy Wise." Thanks again and hopefully I will be coming back for another class." Cindy Eurich, Lexington, KY

"Spending two days one on one with Kathy Wise was an experience that I will never forget. From sipping raspberry tea together to viewing some of her murals and watching her perform her magic on a piece she is currently working on, was extremely inspiring..... oh yes, I did some Intarsia in there as well. Kathy's teaching method is terrific. Kathy views your artwork you bring with you and she sees immediately where you have issues and with utmost sensitivity addresses them. Never once did she make me feel that my efforts thus far were inferior examples of this truly fine art form. She gently guided me through my project over two days showing me exactly where I needed improvement and helped me get there. I had the basics to begin with and came away with more knowledge and confidence than I thought was possible. My project turned out better than I ever imagined, no gaps and the contouring is awesome. I know that I will be going back to take another two day class and highly recommend her class to everyone who has an interest in Intarsia. Kathy ....You are the Best!!!"
Nancy Hynes - Ingersoll , Ontario

"I recently had the pleasure of taking Kathy's two day class that she offers in Michigan.  The way that Kathy conducts her class is extremely professional.  After looking at the samples that I had brought, she knew what I needed to work on and planned the next two days to make sure I got what I needed.  From creating a unique project from something she had in her library of patterns, and selecting exactly the right wood, we moved at an amazing pace.  She plans your class so completely that there is never a time that you aren't learning something.  She holds nothing back but doesn't push you harder than you can absorb.  Some of the techniques are so creative that it is amazing.  I thought you couldn't get a project done in two days, but you can.  Fitting and sanding were another leap for me and the definition created with risers made the project practically come to life.  I especially liked the finishing of the project, quick and beautiful.  Working with Kathy doing intarsia, I think would be like golfing with Tiger Woods, what a pleasure."
Robert  Scarbrough
Copperopolis, CA  

"I spent two days last week working with Kathy Wise in her workshop in Yale, Michigan.  I've been doing Intarsia for many years and consider myself to be pretty good.  I've won over 15 First Place Awards at Woodcarving Shows. I took the two day class Kathy offers just to learn a few new tricks.  I had a serious reality check once the class started.  Kathy is amazing; she excepts nothing but perfection and showed me a host of techniques that were vastly superior to the way I was doing things.  I obtained better results on my class project than I thought possible.  The project was completed with "NO GAPS" whatsoever, absolutely airtight joints.  The finish was quick as a wink to apply, rich, and flawless with a few tricks.  I obtained a super 3D effect on my class project with Kathy's guidance.  She has an awesome workshop with great tools to use. It's like writing a symphony with Mozart's guidance, or building a set of cabinets with Norm Abrams' guidance. If you are serious about becoming a true "Intarsia Artist" take Kathy's Class. PS  Those of you who liked Kathy's Jaguar Jungle Mural will be shocked at a new mural she is creating for the San Diego Woodworking Show.  I've seen it and it is the most awesome Intarsia piece ever created!!!!!!" Verne Buehler, Iowa

"From the moment I entered her woodshop and design center, I was awed by Kathy's ability to meet my needs. I came to her with varying skills along with major loopholes that desperately needed filling. Her patience was extraordinary. As a novice in intarsia, but having a design background, I requested to make an advance level piece that was personal to me. Instead of Kathy talking me out of it, she smiled and said, "Well, this will be different and fun." So, off we went. I couldn't believe the amount of skills that I learned in such a short time. As I was working with various woods,  I couldn't write my notes fast enough. Her knowledge was thorough and vast and there was no withholding of information. She taught me such great tricks that minimized some tasks that were previously laborious. By the end of the two day experience, Kathy wanted to teach me more, and I had to claim that my brain was filled to the rim. It couldn't process one more bit!  I came home so excited and shared what I had achieved with everyone. Before I knew it, I ordered more critical items for my woodshop the next day. Nothing would please me more than to return to Michigan for an advanced level session....  PS: Her woodshop is cozy and warm, even when it is freezing outside!"  - Andi Stix, New Rochelle, NY

   kay & cindy Intarsia Class with first project pigs

"After the dust settles – My Class with Kathy Wise. I just retired from 35 years of teaching and wanted to start Intarsia. I had a scroll saw, but little experience with cutting and no experience with any of the other steps for a completed Intarsia project. It was the best thing that I have ever done. Kathy’s patience and ability to teach to the students’ level is unbelievable. She was so full of information and was (and still is) willing to share and help in any way. We completed a beginning Intarsia project. I was so proud of my work I’m showing it to everyone. No matter what your ability level, if you ever get an opportunity to take a class from Kathy, it will be well worth your time and money. Thanks again Kathy" . Kay Wernsing, Minnesota.

don walters Intarsia class with raccoon project

"My name is Don Walters.  I have dabbled with Woodworking for about twelve years.  It's just been in the last 3 years that I have gotten interested in doing Intarsia.  I really just dabbled at it.  I have created two projects from patterns and two from my own designs.  I wanted to get an objective opinion about my skills so I signed up for the Intarsia class that Kathy had in July 2009.  I have taken one other class and found it lacking.  Not so with Kathy's class.  I found Kathy to be patient, and attentive to what I wanted to learn.  My experience was absolutely outstanding.  I left the class with a rekindled passion for Intarsia and skills that I didn't have prior.  I intend to take an advanced class in the future.  If you are wondering if you should sign up for one of Kathy's classes, my endorsement would be a resounding "YES, Do It!!"  ps:  Her Mom is absolutely charming!  Thank You Kathy! " Don Walters, Ft. Wayne, IN


" In my search to learn more about Intarsia, I discovered Kathy's website and work.  I purchased a few patterns and completed them.  I had a desire to learn the proper techniques of cutting, sanding and finishing.  I found Kathy's patterns to capture the realism and beauty of real animals.  The pieces I completed were the finest work that I've ever done and I am grateful to Kathy for creating a pattern which inspired me to produce something as close to a work of art as I have ever been able to come. As a result, I contacted Kathy about classes and whether I would learn what I needed so that I could actually consider myself an intarsia woodworker. The two day class answered all my questions.   Kathy taught us the proper method to layout a project, various cutting techniques and most importantly, sanding the pieces using various methods to obtain the desired look.  Kathy was extremely helpful and patient.  I found the class to be well organized and Kathy to be an excellent teacher.  I want to say thanks for the opportunity to work with her and learn about intarsia. After attending Kathy's class I am more confident in how and what I am doing and end up with something I am proud to display."   Mike McClery, Nebraska




Wise Intarsia Workshops starting in June 2018


These workshops are by appointment only and class dates are limited. Store site page for Workshop depoist For more information and to set up a date for your class: email Kathy at kathywise@bignet.net

For more information on Kathy Wise Workshops or to order a catalog, please send an email to: kathywise@bignet.net or write to:

Kathy Wise Designs Inc. PO Box 60, Yale, MI 48097

Or fax your request to Fax # 810-387-9044

Intarsia Class Student with lab pup

"After I retired I started doing fretwork and selling it at craft shows.  After 9 years of making thousands of fretwork patterns, I became burned out.  I decided to give intarsia a try.  One thing I wasn't aware of is that, for me, intarsia is a lot harder than fretwork.  A mistake in fretwork is not noticed but a mistake in intarsia needs fixing.   Kathy gave me the courage to keep at it.  She showed me how easy it can be if you give it time and practice.  The little tricks and shortcuts she showed me have already lessened my frustrations.  I was impressed by the neatness and organization of her workshop.  This encouraged me to clear out some of the piles of wood in my basement.  I wish I lived closer to Kathy so I could take more classes from her.  I enjoyed every minute of my 2 day class experience" Ron Niedziela, Buffalo, NY


bill gould Intarsia class with Raccoon

"Kathy, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the two day intarsia class that you ran last week.  While I have been in woodworking classes before, I have never been in a class where the instructor provides such "hands on" advice to the students.  While most classes usually have six to ten participants, your two person limit allows you to identify and address an individual's needs in the art of intarsia and to devote a tremendous amount of "one-on-one" attention to those needs.  While I have created intarsia pieces in the past using soft woods and stains, my goal was to learn how to cut, shape/sand and fit different woods together to create an object of beauty.  Your workshop met, and exceeded, my expectations in every way.  The depth of your knowledge in this craft, along with your unique ability to communicate and demonstrate the techniques required to create intarsia pieces in a way that can be understood by the student woodworker, is truly remarkable.  The fact that I started with plain pieces of wood and was able to cut and shape them into the realistic likeness of a raccoon is nothing short of amazing to me and is truly a tribute to your abilities as an instructor.  I now hope to take the techniques that you showed me and use them in more challenging projects which I never would have attempted prior to attending your class.  Also, after I grow more comfortable with these basic techniques over the next few years, I fully intend to return for another two day session to enhance my skills.  Thanks again for a great class.  You're a great teacher and I would recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to learn how to create intarsia "works of art" from a true master woodworker." Bill Gould, Ellington, CT


Sumner Intarsia class with Lab Pup Project

"Recently I took a class with Kathy Wise. In two days we covered more than I could imagine was possible in that short amount of time. This class would help you improve your skills no matter how advanced you are. Not only are you working with a professional crafts person, you are getting instructions from a true artist. What I learned in those two days was well worth the time and money that I invested in the class. There are so many simple techniques that she can teach you that help increase quality and decrease the time it takes. I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to take this class with Kathy Wise that you do. You will not be disappointed." George Sumner, La Salle MI


Intarsia Class  project  by wright
" I just returned from the Detroit area, where I took a 2 day class with Kathy Wise. There was only one other man in the class - so we each got gobs of attention. It will take me several days to process all I learned. It was sooo great. We covered wood selection, color balance, property of wood (does it change color/hold up/hard to cut, etc.) She picked a cute pattern of a raccoon hanging from a tree. An Int/Adv pattern. I felt the skill level was just right, it was challenging but not overwhelming. She covered everything about cutting to get a tight fit. She spent a lot of time teaching her techniques of shaping and sanding. She wanted a really 3D experience and it was fun to break away from flat! She showed us how to tweak until there are no gaps. Her use of CA glue was new to me and one I'm going to adopt! The class was great. Kathy was easy to get along with, fun, energetic, well organized, patient, she kept us moving at a reasonable pace. My enthusiasm has been regenerated - I'm ready to take on the world-!! I loved the experience!" Sally Wright, Washington


"Thanks Kathy, I really enjoyed my two day workshop.  I showed up with no Scroll saw or Intarsia experience so Kathy had her hands full.  I purchased the Jaguar print and it turns out it is a project for advanced woodworkers.  However I am determined to make it for my daughters office so Kathy went right to work to show me how to saw and lay out my project.  She helped me with the basics and walked me through all the steps I needed to know for my entire project.  We worked on inlaid and all the different ways to sand and shape.  I didn't know that this was one of her hardest patterns but I plan to go to Arizona for the winter and surprise Kathy next spring with either a completed project or mostly done.  She is a very talented lady and designed her instructions on what I wanted to learn and she threw in all her knowledge on the best ways to do things, and how to correct little mistakes which I will make along the way.  Since I am new at scroll sawing she encouraged me to practice and make a simple project before I jump headfirst into the Jaguar.  However after working with her for two days, I know I can do it and look forward to dig into this project. One other thing, Kathy does such beautiful work she encourages using quality tools so that whatever people work on will come out better and it will be easier during the process."
Doug Kant  Bay City, MI.  & Casa Grande, AZ 


    "After retiring from an challenging career which included extensive travel, I returned to Michigan where I was born and raised. After established a new home and settling in, I began looking for a interesting hobby ...Intarsia wood art always greatly captured my attention. After some experimentation on my own, I decided to sign up for Kathy's hands-on class thinking this would be the best way to more quickly learn the techniques and "tricks of the trade". Although not everyone can be as creative and artistic as Kathy, we can use her designs and learn from her knowledge. I found that her workshop class has given me the confidence to continue with Intarsia and am very much looking forward to spending more time in earnest with this hobby. Kathy definitely has the passion and patience to be a good "teacher" in her workshop training. I would very much recommend her class to any Intarsia enthusiast." Al Kreiner Applegate, MI



I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and learn about intarsia. I had no idea that it would be so much fun! The iris kit that we put together is a great way to introduce intarsia to anyone. The directions are easy to follow for a beginner like me, and end up with something to be proud to display." Sally Francek , Michigan


renard Intarsia Class  raccoon Hanging sign project

"The investment of time and money in training with Kathy Wise was invaluable to the development of my skill to a higher level of precision in intarsia. Her education, experience and practical advice enhanced my knowledge base and ignited my desire to turn what was once a hobby into a passion of art. My long term goal is to retire these plumber's hands and build a business centered around the beauty of natural wood. The training class conducted by Kathy gave me an opportunity to gain the perspective of an expert artist's eyes and shop first hand." Steve Renard, Michigan


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